List of Posts

Here is a list of our posts to date:

  1. Machine Laundry Cafe, Hobart
  2. Smolt and IXL Long Bar, Hobart
  3. Sabor in the Hunter, Hunter Valley
  4. Butcher’s Block, Wahroonga
  5. Emerson’s, Hunter Valley
  6. Ume Restaurant
  7. Prime
  8. Food Society
  9. Nomad
  10. Ungaro Raw
  11. Alpha
  12. PB&J Milkshake and Raspberry Coconut Loaf
  13. Eveleigh Farmer’s Market
  14. St Jude
  15. The Little Snail
  16. Don Campos and Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen
  17. Fuku Restaurant
  18. 19th Biennale of Sydney
  19. Baroque Pantry and Bistro
  20. Anita Gelato
  21. Taste of Sydney
  22. Marque
  23. Le Pain Quotidien
  24. Bishop Sessa
  25. Three Ropes Expresso and Circa Expresso
  26. The Tuckshop, Glenhaven
  27. House of Crabs
  28. The Fish Shop and Messina
  29. Riley Street Cafe & Wine
  30. Assembly, Melbourne
  31. Gazi, Melbourne
  32. The Baron
  33. O Bar and Dining
  34. Bang Bang
  35. Moon Park
  36. Jamie’s Italian, Sydney CBD
  37. The Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills
  38. Apple Bar and Pie in the Sky, Bilpin
  39. Four Ate Five, Surry Hills
  40. The Copper Mill and Alexandria
  41. Rainford Street Social, Surry Hills
  42. Soffritto, Newtown
  43. Sweet Street Bakery, Parramatta
  44. Capers Cafe, Dunedin (NZ)
  45. Bowery to Williamsburg, Melbourne
  46. Floriditas Cafe & Restaurant (NZ)
  47. Na Zdrowie Polish Restaurant
  48. Reuben Hills
  49. Waqu
  50. Late lunch Excelsior Jones
  51. Parma Cucina
  52. Copo Cafe & Diner
  53. Botanic Gardens Restaurant
  54. Fleetwood Macchiato
  55. Robocog Cafe
  56. Cowbell 808
  57. Cafe Paci
  58. Bloodwood, Newtown

2 thoughts on “List of Posts”

  1. Hello,
    I enjoyed your not too over the top reviews. Could you recommend a QUIETISH, reasonably priced restaurant in Sydney which would be suitable for a family of 4? Our aim is to take our daughter out for her 21st.
    Thanking you,
    Tim Wilson.


    1. Hi Tim, off the top of my head, we recently went to Bishop Sessa on Tues. It was quiet and would suit a special occasion. They have a $49 3 course deal on Mon and Tues, but otherwise their entrees and mains are $16 and $32 respectively. Priced similarly, there is also Parma Cucina (Italian, extensive menu, one of my favs), Ester Restaurant (interesting food, good if you enjoy wine), and a bit more expensive is The Little Snail in Pyrmont. Also, when you book, let the restaurant know it’s for your daughter’s 21st and they may do something special for the dessert :).


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