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Perfect sunny day for brunch at the incinerator


as expected, being the Easter weekend, there were lots of families up and early brunching

They also had an Easter egg hunt early in the morning that we just missed out on.


open kitchen 
where chefs and waitstaff are hustling and bustling to get the food out


this is basically all of the inside, not big but a number of outside tables are also available


House smoked salmon, cucumber, horseradish yoghurt with poached eggs

fresh veges, omega 3 oils, calcium, protein, grainy fibrous toast
this dish has all the healthy elements packed into a tasty meal to start the day


special of the day 
chorizo bits, beans, poached egg, avocado and garnish of veges and grass accompanied by a long thin toast 

a bit short on the chorizo as it only comes in tiny tiny broken up pieces but it was still a satisfying meal to eat


they use grounds coffee i assume


assortment of sweets 
I see cakes, tarts that all look yummy but we didn't see these until we already left our table!

...Otherwise I would have had no hesitation to give the lemon tart a taste


Incinerator art space
unfortunately was not open at the time were were there


The outside of the incinerator cafe,
its unique looking architectural design screams contemporary and modern


I was talked into a post brunch exercise walk by tutortales... (which actually ended with us walking all the way from willoughby to Chatswood)


oh wells, at least it was a perfectly sunny and nice day with bright blue skies

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