Machine Laundry Cafe, Hobart

At the start of our Day 2 Tasmania trip, we checked out early from Hadleys Hotel and then went to grab breakfast at one of the most popular cafes in Hobart, before hitting the road for a 1.5 hour drive to Port Arthur.

So what is this popular cafe?

Machine Laundry Cafe:

Machine Laundry Cafe
Machine Laundry Cafe

Early in the morning, this place was already busy with customers having breakfast (and doing their laundry)! We had to sit outside for a bit to wait for a table inside, but the staff were very helpful and gave us menus to peruse in the meantime. There are also tables outside, but this was Hobart in May and it is freezing already.

We only have to wait like 5-10 minutes before being seated inside.

Machine Cafe-2

This is a relatively small cafe, with one half fitting the kitchen and the other half fitted with laundry machines. Yes – there’s a bit of novelty to eating breakfast while watching a row of tumbling washers behind you.

On the wall, they have some cool posters (which are also on their business cards). On the far left (the green/white shirt), it’s labelled herbal tea. The next one (black panties) is labelled short black. And the middle (white bra) is called flat white.  Hehehe…

Old New Egg Dish - $13.90
Old New Egg Dish – $13.90

I ordered the Old New Egg dish, which is basically scrambled eggs with feta on garlic sourdough with beetroot relish and wild rocket! I’m not too sure what that green liquid-y circle is, but it tasted ok too.

And, well, you can’t really go wrong with FETA – yum!

D2D's breakfast
D2D’s breakfast

To be honest, I’ve kind of forgotten what D2D ordered, but it looks like haloumi (a lot of it) on top of avocado smash and spinach and sourdough! Maybe there’s some salmon in there…

MLC is a pretty popular place, so we were lucky to duck in early to grab our breakfast. By the time we left, the tables outside were all filled up!

Something else I also noticed after Day 1 of Hobart is that most places seem to accept credit card! This was a nice surprise as we were a bit worried about running out of cash and struggling to find an ATM for our particular bank. This also made it easier for us to track out expenses and later work out how much our entire trip cost.

Ok, so after breakfast, we headed off to Port Arthur as the main feature of Day 2!

Day 2 itinerary:

  • Breakfast at Machine Laundry Cafe and check out a few of the shops in Salamanca which opened early
  • 1.5 hour drive to Port Arthur, which is the best preserved convict settlement in Australia. To visit, the Bronze Pass is $35 pp and includes an intro walking tour and cruise ride.
  • 2.5 hour drive to Redcliffe House, Swansea where we stayed for our Day 2 accommodation. The Redcliffe House is a historic BNB with farm/vineyard.
  • Dinner at the Bark Mill Tavern, which was surprisingly good because of the hearty portions, fireplace and people.

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