Nomad, Surry Hills

Just a short distance away from the Paramount Coffee Project is a rather hidden restaurant called Nomad. Which is surprising given how massive Nomad is. There’s tables, including chef counters (seats bordering the open kitchen), which could seat probably 150 people.


  • Website:
  • Address: 16 Foster Street, Surry Hills
  • Open: lunch (Tue – Fri, 12-2.30pm), dinner (Mon – Sat, from 6pm)
  • Book: online – note, you can book for the chef’s counter (which sits around the open kitchen) and some seating may be communal

The decor is brick walls and wooden tables and chairs. We get seated quite far into the restaurant and it was a bit dark. We would have preferred to at the front window where sunlight was coming through, so perhaps ask for that if you book.


The focus of Nomad is, like what appears to be popular with many restaurants these days, on emphasising seasonal food and traditional methods such as pickling, curing, smoking, fermenting etc. The walls are lined with jars of pickled produce.

The menu is designed largely for sharing (small and big share plates), with some lunch specials available. There is also an 8 course set menu for $65 pp for groups of 3 or more. The menus are viewable here.


Beer Braised Shortrib - Nomad smoked cheddar, B&B pickles - $13
Beer Braised Shortrib – Nomad smoked cheddar, B&B pickles – $13

We weren’t too hungry, so only ordered two lunch special burgers and a small share plate. This is the beer braised short rib. For $13, I thought this was a pretty delicious. Filling enough, juicy meat and soft bun.

Is $13 for a burger cheap? Yes, compared to other places where burgers have become $20 items. But no, if you compare to the cheaper burgers you can find at Maccas etc. It’s all relative I suppose.

Scallops - parsley root puree, lardo, anchovy $15
Scallops – parsley root puree, lardo, anchovy $15

Here is the scallops – a small share plate. Yes, very small indeed! For $15, you only get two scallops, which seemed overpriced (especially given the cheap eat we would have later tonight at Food Society). Granted, they were very delicious on the puree etc and nicely presented on a plate of clam shells. Now if only those clam shells had clams still…

Pigs Ear Snitzel, preserved lemon, mustard - $12
Pigs Ear Snitzel, preserved lemon, mustard – $12

We also tried the pigs ear snitzel, which was delicious too. You can actually taste the texture of the pigs ear and again, the super soft buns make it easy for cutting (to share) and eating.

All in all, I think the burgers at Nomad are quite nice, but they’re only available for lunch. Otherwise I have a feeling the usual small and big dishes are not that big in portion size, and you’ll be spending more to end up feeling full by the end.

Also tip, ask for a table at the Chef’s Counter. I reckon it would’ve been cool to see the work behind the scenes.

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