The Highland Restaurant, Tasmania

Flashback to Tasmania: pine trees, endless 100km/hr roads and roaming wallabies. Let’s skip ahead to Day 5. We started with a vegan breakfast in Launceston then D2D drove us the long and winding 2 hrs 15 minutes to the infamous Cradle Mountain.

Cradle Mountain is located in the north west center of Tasmania and is infamous for the very popular week long hike from Cradle Mt to Lake St Claire. Needless to say, we didn’t have that long in Tasmania, so we opted for a shorter walk doing the Dove Lake Circuit.

After that walk, we settled into our accommodation at the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge. Here, we pre-booked the night feeding tour at Devils@Cradle as well as dinner at the Highland Restaurant:

Highland Restaurant:

First up, the service is impeccable. We arrive like half an hour earlier than planned (since Devils@Cradle is so close), but the staff are very welcoming and seat us immediately next to the roaring fireplace – yes! Nice and warm…

Our waiter introduces himself to us by name as well as his colleague. We are then offered the menus to choose from, which offers two or three courses  ($60 pp or $70 pp) with about five choices for each course. We decide to be indulgent and get the three course.

The menu is interesting and contains a page which actually outlines the chef, their philosophy and where all their produce comes from. Essentially everything here is sourced as locally as possible within Tasmania.

First up, they serve us some free lodge baked bread which I gobble up with butter.

Fish entree
Fish entree

This is D2D’s entree. Sadly I can’t remember the exact details, but as you can it was seared Tasmanian fish  with cucumber wrapped fish roe.

Soup entree
Soup entree

I get a chorizo, bean and tomato soup, which comes with olive bread. Lots of bread so far!

Notably, on their old menu (the one on the website), you could actually order wallaby on your entree. But we’d just seen Tasmanian devils ripping apart some wallaby meat, so it wasn’t too appetizing…

longford beef eye fillet, dutch cream mashed potato, broccolini, herb roasted mushrooms, red wine jus
longford beef eye fillet, dutch cream mashed potato, broccolini, herb roasted mushrooms, red wine jus

For once, I get a big meaty main. This is the Longford beef fillet, some nice green broccolini and piped mash potato topped with mushrooms.

It’s very tender, cooked at medium rare. Luckily there’s not mash overkill, as I’ve already eaten a lot of bread.

tasmanian lamb cutlet, spinach besan cake, asian salad, spiced pistachio, dark aged soy
tasmanian lamb cutlet, spinach besan cake, asian salad, spiced pistachio, dark aged soy

D2D gets the Tasmanian lamb cutlets. It doesn’t look like much, but was very tender as well and gave us enough room to fit in dessert.


The good thing about this menu is that it’s not just 3 courses, with no choice (and both of us eating the same thing). With about five choices for each course, we got to choose different things and share half half.

This was their lemon/lime tart dessert, if my memory serves me right. The tart comes in little square blocks, with strawberries, crumb “soil” and a big scoop of sorbet/gelato on top. Nice presentation.

Dessert 2
Dessert 2

Again my memory totally fails. But I remember being satisfied at the end and nic e and warm next to the fireplace – that’s all that really matters right?

That brings us to the end of Day 5 of Tasmania! How quickly it goes – because we’re soon on a flight back to Sydney…

Day 5 Itinerary:

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