Assembly, Melbourne

For once, we aren’t behind in our posts! So let’s a trip back in time to around Easter 2013, where we flew down to Melbourne for a holiday.

Located a bit north of Melbourne CBD, between Carlton Gardens and Melbourne University is a tiny cafe/store called Assembly.


Assembly - coffee

As usual, it was raining in Melbourne that day, so after a long, wet walk, we were super relieved to notice this little sign along a road that just looked like a bunch of warehouses.

We went into this tiny shop/cafe, where there was 1 guy happily making coffee. It continues to pour outside, so we decide to order a tea to warm up.

Coffee and tea
Coffee and tea

As you can see, the counter is set up with filters for coffee making, a board with tea and coffee orders and little enclaves hosting tea and coffee wares for sale.

Our host starts brewing our tea for us and then offers us the first brew. He’s quite a friendly fellow and after a few questions, it’s clear that this guy is a tea and coffee expert, like a professor! He even looks the part with his beard!

The place is beautifully set up with a minimalist design and is really quiet, except for the pitter patter of rain outside. Aside from us and the host, there’s another visitor sitting at the communal table reading a book. This must be his refuge from the rain as well.

Compared to the popular cafes in Sydney, this is a welcome difference to the queues and noisy Sunday brunches.

Our tea

This is our tea served in interestingly designed cups. You can see them on display in the second photo actually. Each cup has a slightly different ‘crack’ in it as well. But don’t worry, no actual tea drips out.

We sit there and enjoy sipping our tea, brew after brew! The host even nice enough to bring out a cold brew that he made earlier. He wants us to try the difference between the cold and hot brew, and maybe it’s the wet weather, but the hot brew is my preferred choice!


There’s also a platter of cookies on the communal table for us – don’t they look good?

Anyway, I suggest you check out what else we have from our Melbourne visits.

Assembly on Urbanspoon


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