Four Ate Five, Surry Hills

Four Ate Five Cafe, located at 485 Crown Street, Surry Hills received FIVE stars from TimeOut Sydney back in 2010.

When we visit in 2014, the sign on the door is a bit different, but the place is still packed with people early on a Sunday morning. We were so eager, we had planned to get to the City by 8am. Unfortunately, this cafe likes to sleep in on Sundays and weren’t open until 9.30am! So we took a later bus, and got there around 10am, after climbing up the very steep Foveaux St hill.

As we walk up, we see a girl skating up this same hill. Yes, skating! On roller blades. I’m not sure how she didn’t slide backwards…but she made it up the hill faster than us.

The place is filled when we get there, but we only have to wait 5 mins to get a table.

Four Ate Five

  • Website:
  • Address: 485 Crown Street, Surry Hills
  • Call: 02 9698 6485
  • Open: M-F (7-3.30pm), Sat (7.30-3.30pm), Sun (9.30-2.30pm)
485 Crown Street

This cafe is situated near the Mad Spuds Cafe (been there and had a yummy spud stack!), an organic cafe right next door, and a paper shop.

This place is so busy, there’s like 5-6 waiters/baristas plus 5 people in the kitchen! The decor isn’t super fancy, like some of the cafes which are sprouting up in Surry Hills – there’s a few robots stuck on the wall (similar to Robocog?), plus artworks and pictures of animals. It seems a bit understated, but still super popular – so it must be the food! šŸ™‚

Working hard

First up is D2D’s flat white! I take a sip and its not too bitter.

Flat white – no drinks menu on their website..

Next our food arrives, yay!

mexican bean mix on toast w/ tomato, avocado & spanish onion salsa, topped with crispy tofu $16

This is D2D’s mexican breakfast! I’m quite liking the mexican/peruvian style breakfasts. I had one recently at Copper Mill and it was really delicious (and felt kind of healthy).

You can choose to get it topped with fried eggs or crispy tofu. For once (!!), D2D did not choose eggs.

salmon, avocado and ricotta on sourdough topped w/ poached eggs & parsley $18

This is my Smoked Salmon Stack (SSS). There is a lot in this. I struggled at first, using my knife to try to cut it up. When that failed, I just ate it like bruscetta. There is so much in this stack! They give you a lot of salmon and the sourdough has cream cheese spread across it. It was so filling! I really struggled to finish it.

After breakfast, we wandered down to Reuben Hills for a takeaway lime and coconut milkshake. Surry Hills is buzzing with people grabbing coffees and brunches, and it’s great to see everyone out and about!

Green spotted dalmation near the cafe!

Fouratefive on Urbanspoon


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