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Youeni Foodstore, Castle Hill

It’s not often that we eat local and, to be honest, the reason is that there’s limited good food or choice in the Hills area at times.

One of the good ones, however, is Youeni Foodstore, which is a cafe/restaurant aiming to make all their foods in-house. The feel is a bit like Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen in Alexandria, but a lot smaller and less…pink at the moment.

Youeni Foodstore

  • Website: http://youenifoodstore.com/
  • Address: 2 / 250 Old Northern Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154 (right next to the Dan Murphys)
  • Getting there: parking in Castle Towers can be a pain, so I’d recommend parking in the Dan Murphys car park which is right next door and underneath or in the Castle Mall carpark off Terminus Street.
  • Open: daily 7.30 – 5pm
  • Call: 02 9680 8885
You and I?
You and I?

Youeni. You…en…i? You and I? That’s my guess as to the reason for the name.

Anyway, Youeni is decked out in a modern wood and glass style. The exterior walls are floor to ceiling glass and inside features a super long bench that extends into the open kitchen. There’s actually not many tables, but there’s some seats at the bench/bar. There’s tables outside (alfresco), but it’s not exactly the prettiest view. Cars zooming past at the big intersection, and a petrol station across the road… So we sat at the bench.

Their breakfast menu runs til 11.30am, and their lunch menu runs from 12-3pm. Keep this in mind, as you may want to avoid that gap between breakfast/lunch and after 3pm, if you want to try the kitchen food. Note, their online menu is out of date and doesn’t list some of the things we ordered:

Chicken congee - brown rice congee with fried garlic, spring onion and topped with a fried egg
Chicken congee – brown rice congee with fried garlic, spring onion and topped with a fried egg

I also had a congee at Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen and this is just as good, PLUS it has a fried egg in the middle. Gosh and so much fried garlic! They were also generous with the chicken.

Our meals came in this BIG ceramic bowl, with chipped edges. Probably the design as both our bowls were randomly chipped.

Lamb fritters with the Village Salad
Lamb fritters with the Village Salad

D2D ordered Lamb Fritters which come the Village Salad. The salad was really tasty with lots of almonds, rocket, berries and yoghurt.

towers 001

All in all, the food at Youeni feel quite healthy, yet delicious and are served in big portions in big bowls! Our bill (two lunch items and one flat white) came to less than $40, which is pretty good value.

Youeni also sells their own baked bread and other baked goods like cupcakes, muffins, cakes and loafs. This seemed quite popular and apparently they have a regular stall at the Richmond Good Food Markets!

What else is around:

  • Castle Towers and Castle Mall shopping centres are just a walk away
  • The Baron cafe as well as its sister cafe The Tuckshop

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The Baron

One of the few good cafes in the Hills Shire, The Baron is a pretty cool and hip cafe, with decor resembling something you’d find in Surry Hills or Newtown.

We’ve been there a couple of times now, including when it used to open for night, doubling as a cafe and bar (dinner and drinks). Now it only opens during the day.

The Baron

The Baron

Like I said, the decor is hip. Most things are wooden here – the chairs, stools – with a random old suitcase used as a coffee table (not sure if that’s gone now). The window is floor to ceiling with seats available there for people-watching and coffee-sipping.

Flat white

As we’d gone to The Baron a while ago, I don’t quite remember what we had ordered. All we have is this photographic evidence. As you can see, there is a focus on fresh, whole foods:

Egg with pickles on sourdough

This was a big plate – going clockwise: bread (from Sonoma apparently), ham, cherry tomato, salmon, poached egg rolled in black sesame, avocado on salad.

A big plate!

And their slider:

Slider with the top bun sliding off…

Everything is under $20.

My poor memory of what each of these were tempts me to go there soon… we all need to refresh our memories once in a while, right?

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