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Fuku Restaurant, Sydney CBD

“I had crab for lunch!”

That’s what I got to say on Thursday when we had an early lunch at 12pm at Fuku Restaurant. Located on the ‘top’ level of World Square in Town Hall, Sydney, Fuku is a Japanese restaurant and sake/wine bar situated directly across from Din Tai Fung (the Taiwan DTF gave us food poisoning!).

Fuku Restaurant

  • Website: http://www.fukurestaurant.com.au/
  • Address: Shop 1103, 644 George Street, Town Hall (basically in World Square, on Level 1, across from Din Tai Fung)
  • Bookings: book online via Dimmi and earn points!
  • Open: 12 – 11pm Mon to Sat
  • Call: (02) 9261 8977

Having opened in 2012, Fuku still seems relatively unknown compared to its infamous neighbour DTF. I’ve been here three times now. The first time was lunch with D2D. The second time was a birthday dinner, where the manager was so friendly he gave us a free dessert wine, sake and house made sangria!

Now, the third time, we show up for lunch on a rainy day!

Fuku Restaurant
Fuku Restaurant

The Fuku menu can be viewed online and is quite wide ranging. Lunch features bento boxes ($30), sets ($20), sashimi, sushi, salads, mains, skewers, okonomiyaki (pizza), hot pots and even dessert. Their sake and wine menu also looks pretty impressive.

Value? Fuku is a bit pricier than other places in Town Hall, but the food and friendly service is arguably worth it.


The decor theme of Fuku is sleek and modern: black, red and wood.

The staff are very polite and quickly seat us, give us water and menus.

We order the Chanko Hot Pot ($38) small size – which has chicken, king prawns, scallops, fish balls, tofu, blue swimmer CRAB, and seasonal veges in a miso soup.

Originally we had planned to order the large hot pot, but the waitress explained that this is for 4 people and that the small is suitable for 2 people. So we opted for the small. Then, she came back again and said that the small was still very big and if we were sure we wanted it!

Obviously, we said yes – because we are greedy…

Our hot pot
Our hot pot

Our hot pot arrives on a gas burner – we get a ladle, tongs and scissors. How useful! It takes a bit to boil up, but soon it’s bubbling away!

Hot pot time!
Hot pot time!

Here’s a look into the pot! D2D says there’s too many vegetables, but I’m happy they gave us lots and a lot of variety. There’s bok choi, different types of mushrooms, cucumber slices, chinese cabbage etc. In terms of meat, there was some really tender chicken, prawns, salmon, some other fillet fish, oysters, mussells, pipies, and some crab! This doesn’t quite match the menu, but they’ve replaced it with other things. I prefer this, as they probably add more seasonal items, rather than whatever is stipulated on the menu.


Here’s a plate of some of the seafood. My hands got a bit messy as I peeled the prawns and dug away at the crab meat! Yum!

Peeled prawn
Peeled prawn

Here’s D2D’s peeled prawn in a bowl with some of the miso soup. It’s great to eat something hot and salty on a cold rainy day! Especially when we didn’t bring an umbrella and had to walk in the rain…

Sake and wine
Sake and wine

Here’s a look at their shelf of wines and sake. Isn’t it impressive! I also like their big light bulbs.

And check out this guy sitting next to us and licking his fingers!

Nom nom nom!

What else is around:

  • A short walk away is the Paramount Coffee Project
  • See a movie at George Street Event Cinemas?
  • Head down to Chinatown and Market City for some shopping, Emperor Puffs or Friday night markets in Chinatown

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