the Fish shop and Messina


long walk to fish shop 
potts point
totally worth it


family friendly -
with a kids menu available 

most of the table seating were taken 
by families with small children 

the chairs are actually tall looking stools 
so we saw a child fall off 
but he survived (phew!)


fairly large selections of wines 
to match your freshly prepared 
dishes of seafood 

wait staff gladly goes through 
the list of specials posted on the board


scored a private bench for two 
complete with assortment of 
and spices 
and sauces
and forks 


not to mention,
a newsletter styled menu


fried prawns special
with creamy mayo sauce 
eaten with crunchy shells 
and mini prawn legs 
and tiny prawn eyeballs
and little prawn brains intact

extremely addictive 



not overly large serving sized

but cooked amazingly soft and tender 
and topped with a tremendously generous
serving of tomatoey based sauce 


the cheeseburger
when it came, 
wasn't huge
it wasn't stacked tall and impressive
it looked ordinary 

meat is juicy
cheese is cheesy (just right!) 
bacon is flavoursome
pickle is balancing
mess free eating  

cup of hot thick cut chips
tops off this dish


after a satisfying meal 
filled with fishy omega three goodness

The Fish Shop on Urbanspoon

we decided we needed some calcium
bring on messina


standard messina cartoon theme
at darlinghurst messina


cup of
persian rocky road
coconut mango

sounds so different
unfortunately both flavours 
tasted the same!


messina desserts
one particular item peaked Lamchop's interest
because it was named after a
smelly skunk 
from a cartoon she watched in her childhood
...which I had never heard of 

Delighted by this fact, Lamchop was super keen to tell me all about this skunk 
for the rest of the night
while giggling from her fond memories 
of this cartoon. 

From what I gathered,
I think the skunk is french...



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