Botanic Gardens Restaurant at Mrs Macquaries Road, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

This restaurant is in a rather unique location. It’s right in the middle of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney! So the address is just on Mrs Macquaries Road (how vague….what’s the number??), and you’ll have to wander around the Botanic Gardens to get there. Thankfully there’s plenty of Garden maps and signs around this place.

I decided to come here for the Good Food Month Sunday lunch – called Spring flavours in the Gardens. We pre-booked online for 3 people at 12pm and the place wasn’t too busy yet. Sadly, D2D was locked up studying at home.

Botanic Gardens Restaurant

Botanic Gardens Restaurant
Entrance to Botanic Gardens Restaurant


The inside of the restaurant is quite fancy. Immediately my companions worried that they looked like bogans. But that’s ok, it’s Sunday! A relaxing day.

Everything is white and there’s a great view of the Gardens! In fact, there’s a big tree outside with what looks like a huge bees nest and spikes on its branches (to keep the birds away).

Almost straight away, this big-ish flying insect lands on our table! I’m a bit horrified, but my companions say it’s pretty…. The waitress comes over and says that they are part of the Gardens. Eventually it flies away.

Bar counter
Bar counter

Food and drink

So we order the $37 Good Food Mont deal. We get our Pipsqueak Ciders, which are poured into glasses for us (as per fancy atmosphere). Then pretty soon, our food arrives:


The lamb is cooked very well and just falls apart with minimal cutting/chewing. So soft! The little (onion) cups of sauce with truffle (I think) are nice. I wonder if the green leaves are from the Garden…

The portions aren’t that big, but satisfying enough. The lamb is about the size of a fist. Is it good value? I’m not too sure, but the view is nice… Overall their menu is not too pricey with their mains being $25-33.

So we also order dessert:

Picture 132
Strawberry & white chocolate sphere – $17
caramelised white chocolate, strawberry jelly

We wondered for a long time how you can caramelise white chocolate (wouldn’t it just melt?) but it looks and tastes pretty good.

We smash open the dome and find:

Picture 142

BLOOD! It’s yummy though – kind of like strawberry jam!

The overall bill comes to about $45 for each person, which covers cider, main and dessert.

What else is around?

  • The entire Royal Botanic Gardens! A great way to stroll after a big meal.
  • Right next to the restaurant is also the Palm Grove Gardens Shop, which has a lot of interesting little botanic themed gifts, gifts etc. They also start free guided tours here so check it out! The shop is open every day.
  • A quick walk away is also the NSW Art Gallery, which has FREE entry and hosts some great collections. The museum is pretty big and open hosts a number of temporary exhibitions too. Further in that direction is also Woolloomooloo, which has a great view of the water.
  • But if you head back towards the city centre, you can go to Circular Quay (ferries, Sydney Opera House) or Town Hall for some shopping and busking in Pitt Street Mall.

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