Cowbell 808 at 616 Bourke St, Surry Hills

October is Good Food Month! As part of the festival, they have the Breakfast Club, which is a series of $20 breakfast deals at various cafes! Check the list out here. Sifting through this list to decide where to go (too many choices) was difficult, but we decided to head back to D2D’s first ever baked eggs at… COWBELL 808.

Unfortunately, the Breakfast Club is only available at these cafes on weekdays. Thankfully we work in an industry that allows for DAYS OFF yay. And there’s no need to book in for these $20 deals.

Cowbell 808

Cowbell 808 - retro decor
Retro decor

There’s not that much information about the background/origins of this cafe, but a quick Google search shows that it’s named after Roland TR-808 drum machine which made cowbell sounds. So obscure right?

The decor of the place fits the origins of the name though. There’s a wall with graffiti, a shelf of vinyls, a Lego head for the kids and these old-school looking chairs. I’m not sure how (un)comfortable they were, but there’s also cushion-y seating around the border of the cafe.

Flat white and mocha
Flat white and mocha

Our coffee’s came first. The usual flat white and mocha for us two. The cup and plate and chair colour matching is cool – didn’t notice it until now!

The $20 Breakfast Club deal includes:

  • Yoghurt with fruit
  • Sucuk baked eggs (normally $18)
  • Coffee or tea (about $3-5)

Unfortunately, there’s only 1 breakfast deal, so rather than ordering it for the both of us, we got something else to share too.

Yoghurt with strawberries

We’d arrived at around 10am on a Tuesday morning and (having woken up at 7am) were STARVING. Good thing the yoghurt came quickly. Most of the honey was hidden down the bottom.

Cucuk baked eggs with housemade flat bread and Jersey milk yoghurt
Sucuk baked eggs with housemade flat bread and Jersey milk yoghurt

Sucuk, as it turns out according to Wikipedia, is a dry spicy sausage in Middle Eastern cuisine. And yes, it was very spicy! This was pretty yummy and I saw the chef take it out of the oven. The flatbread is okay, but I prefer bread that’s softer and fluffier to soak up the egg/sauce. The bread was also really powdery and my hands were white by the end!

Fried eggs with smashed avocado, ocean trout on sourdough
Fried eggs with smashed avocado, ocean trout on sourdough – $18

A very colourful plate of food! This was quite yummy too and a well balanced way to start off the morning!

Sadly, they don’t have the bacon ice cream (that other bloggers have talked about) anymore. They still have the FAT ricotta hotcakes, but they come with housemade lemon ice cream instead now.

What else is around?

You can grab some bread and pastries at Bourke Street Bakery which almost a few metres down Bourke Street.

If you keep walking along Bourke Street (descending numbers), you’ll eventually hit Taylor Square, Oxford Street. Along the way, there’s tons of restaurants and cafes and random design stores.

If you head in the other direction (ascending), you’ll head towards Redfern and eventually Alexandria!

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