O Bar and Dining


O bar and dining 
the rotating fine dining experience 
no shorts or other unsavory items of 
clothing allowed on premises
you will see at least 1 rotation during you time here 
but the windows were not as clear and clean as I expected 
however, as the night swept through, 
this didn't matter as much


old fashioned cocktail 
well done bartender, delicious (tt would disagree)


bread, essentially a dollar a (half)piece
its from Sonoma which is meant to be really good bread 
the salt and butter was tasty 
they didn't let us have more bread 
(so I made tt give me more of hers...hehe)


entree is served"
fish cakes, really tasty!
with a side of mayo 
the finely chopped red stuff on top looks like chilli
(tt is scared) 
however as I bravely taste tested that 'chilli' it turned out 
to be fresh capsicum (tt is relieved...and so am I)


organic chicken sausage:
nothing too special
I expected more sausage for $30 
each of those 3 tiny pieces you see there is worth $10 
no sausage is worth this much 
except apparently, this organic chicken one...


pork meat main
with chick pea(?)
and sauce...

As you can probably tell, this wasn't my main (it was tt's)
that's why my above description isn't very good


Salmon, and tasty tasty rice/tabouleh stuff 
waitress offered the option for fully cooked if that 
is your preference
however, I personally prefer raw salmon (sashimi style) 
this salmon is cooked medium at the waitress's suggestion
and it is cooked,, a really good medium! 
very soft and tender salmon, very very nice


finished off with a small and expensive mango cheesecake 
with even smaller biscuit bottom (the size of a coin!) 

well... not really finished for the night! 
I craved for Mr crackles pork crackling 
on oxford st afterwards 
and therefore I dragged tt on a walk 
all the way from wynyard to darlinghurst! 
in the rain

tt not happy that night...

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