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Taste of Sydney


Taste of Sydney 
lamchop scored some free tix 
so we decided to check this out 
Centennial Park event 
running from 13-16 March 2014

features a list of trending restaurants 
in which event goers can have a taste 
all in the one location
for a price of course


giant fork at the entrance 

the event runs of crown currency: 
all food, drinks and products 
can only be purchased 
by these special crown monies. 

1 crown = 1 Australian dollar 

they put your virtual crowns on a card 
and the only way to get these crowns 
are by finding a crown seller (guys with pink shirts) 

each vendor will scan your card
to deduct the corresponding amount of crowns 
for the dish or product that you want in return

kind of a hassle


we pass by a few empty looking bars 
as it was still very early in the evening 

I take note golden bar had happy hour 2 for 1 drinks! 

(we came back many hours later 
and saw that happy hour was a permanent sign)


pass by a wine bar called cake 

onwards I say, 
as I am keen to start eating some food


chur burger 
at the very end of the festival grounds

already, people are lining up to have a taste 
of their mini burgers


Chow Bar and Eating House 
this is a Surry hills eatery 
that we pass by all the time 
and we often see it empty

Lamchop has always been keen to try it though
and since it won the previous night's best dish
we wanted to give it a go


Chow bar beggar's chicken
Silken lemon tofu, vinegar red peanuts 

wow, it was tender 
the tofu seemed to be misplaced as we couldn't located it anywhere on the plate while we were quickly devouring the chicken, not really caring

this was a great start to our planned feast


of course
Lamchop was totally taken in 
by a croquembouche sign 

and we are temporarily sidetracked from our feast


they do have some colourful desserts 

their croquembouches are tiny though! 
where are the massive towers?


next stop
iconpark - a crowdfunded platform for restaurant and bar concepts with the top 6 featuring at this festival


we gave Sedgwick Ave concept a shot 

this was purely due to what they had on offer:
Brooklyn's Finest De-boned
Free range wings 
Grilled watermelon
Light blue cheese Sauce 

de-boned chicken wings? YES please 
the watermelon was refreshing 
blue cheese sauce is good 
...if you dont mind blue cheese


we headed back to more established brands:


crumbed lamb cutlet and eggplant puree
and diced, pickled onion

and not to mention a tomato! 
golden and crunchy on the outside
succulent and tender on inside

we chomped on this lamb cutlet in quick succession and before I knew it, 
Lamchop was already gnawing on the bone til it was completely clean


travelling along we found PorteƑo
and its roasting area from game of thrones


Charcoal Grilled Entrana
wagyu skirt steak with BBQ peppers
and chimichurri

we saw other people taking away big portioned plates of meat so we gambled on the wagyu steak hoping it was big portioned. 

no, it was small in comparison 
the large dish must have been the 20 crown lamb 
this wagyu however, was still truly tender and delicious


after charging through the food stalls 
...we decided to take a short break to see some other parts of the festival such as this garden area


...and an olive stall


this vendor was on the top 
of Lamchop's to go list while we were looking through the restaurant brochure 
I wondered why...

was she enticed by the sunglasses man 
and his large barbeque 
producing some of the most 
tantalising and smokey aromas
promising tender, juicy, meaty dishes?

what Lamchop wanted from efendy was...


lamb testicles 
these are the balls of a lamb 
it might not look like it 
but it definitely tasted like balls 

Lamchop ate it in one big mouthful (which is very scary) and she couldn't get enough of that 
spermy looking sauce.


with some testicle taste still 
lingering in our mouths 
we ventured forth to explore more of the festival 

this little stall had the genius idea of mixing a variety of alchohol options with 
coconut juice


sake tasting


meet the festival juggler 
he was juggling all night 
which was very impressive


four fourteen's roasting area with a whole pig on a spinning stick


we decided to try it: 
suckling pig with smoked potato 
and crushed apple

not as juicy as I expected but the potato was soft at least


matched with Aki's Indian crispy wheat pockets with spiced potato and yogurt 

I popped these whole into my mouth to find it exploding with a surprising amount of cream and less on the potato side, 
still enjoyable


my belt was shrinking around my waist

we had eaten quite a lot of food 
so, we looked for a place to wash it all down with a nice refreshing drink

meet Galliano's bartenders mixing up three very different cocktails


we went for the espresso martini and the amaretto sour


as it drew closer to nightfall 
the festival got a lot more crowded as 
office workers retire from their week 
to enjoy their friday night at Taste Sydney


we were lucky to arrive and commence feasting at an earlier time as queues to purchase crowns, let alone food and drinks were getting longer by the minute


having missed out 
on a number of free cooking shows 
we finally got a spot 
on the Dilmah chef's skillery


free tea tasting 
served by lovely Dilmah tea girls


feature chef:
James Viles from Biota Dining in Bowral
most of the show he was burning a bunch of lettuce til it was ... all shriveled up 
...what dish could possibly come out of burnt lettuce?


somehow he turned it into a spectacularly fancy looking charcoal biscuit with scampi paste,
fish roe and elder flower

delightfully matched with a cup of hot Dilmah earl grey which was a fantastic finish for the night