Anita Gelato, Chippendale

This is a short sweet post – about Anita Gelato! This was our afternoon tea break after walking from Circular Quay down to Chippendale on the way to the new White Rabbit Gallery exhibition Reformation.

Anita Gelato

Yes, open at 7am! You can have gelato for breakfast!

Anita Gelato
Anita Gelato

Basically, Anita Gelato is a gelato/froyo/coffee cafe.

Located in the new Central Park shopping centre and apartment complex, this is one of many shiny new shops now on Broadway (what George St becomes when it goes past Central into Chippendale…) and across from the lovely UTS Tower. You will recognise it as a very shiny series of towers with plants and grass growing on its walls.

On the side of the centre that’s not facing Broadway (it faces the smaller inside road), you find:

250 L are churned daily
250 L are churned daily

So what flavours do they have? Their chocolate and variety section was pretty standard (although it’s topped and decorated quite nicely).

With a regular size (about $6-7), you get two scoops. We ordered passionfruit (zingy and crunchy) and something a bit different: watermelon and mint!

Gelato regular
Gelato regular

I really liked the watermelon and mint – something different. D2D also got a flat white, which came with two little biscuits which were quite yummy.

Flat white
Flat white

This is quite a nice relaxing place, and that’s the general feel of Central Park so far – not too many people and still shiny and new.

Nice views
Nice views

If you look out, Anita Gelato faces a pretty great view of the green lawn, BBQs and water features that Central Park residents can call their shared backyard.

Apparently, the park was developed by the Central Park developers, and then basically donated to the City of Sydney! That’s why it’s a public (not private) park and it also means less strata for the residents…

Anyway, Anita Gelato is a nice gelato stop in Chippendale/Central where a lot is sure to be happening in the years to come as they finish development of the apartments!

What about the name? I’m not sure – maybe Anita is the owner. Or maybe it’s because Anita Gelato also sounds like “I need a gelato”?

What else is around:

  • Central Park lawns has two BBQs (free) so you can do a cook and picnic
  • New shops, including Pigeonhole which has quirky stuff (think Monster Threads), a Daiso, restaurants and food court, Din Tai Fung (coming soon)
  • Level 3 currently has free pool table, table tennis and Foosball
  • Level 4 features art exhibitions and workshops
  • White Rabbit Gallery, which is right behind the lawn
  • Chippendale is also home to a number of art galleries and restaurants to be explored

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