The Baron

One of the few good cafes in the Hills Shire, The Baron is a pretty cool and hip cafe, with decor resembling something you’d find in Surry Hills or Newtown.

We’ve been there a couple of times now, including when it used to open for night, doubling as a cafe and bar (dinner and drinks). Now it only opens during the day.

The Baron

The Baron

Like I said, the decor is hip. Most things are wooden here – the chairs, stools – with a random old suitcase used as a coffee table (not sure if that’s gone now). The window is floor to ceiling with seats available there for people-watching and coffee-sipping.

Flat white

As we’d gone to The Baron a while ago, I don’t quite remember what we had ordered. All we have is this photographic evidence. As you can see, there is a focus on fresh, whole foods:

Egg with pickles on sourdough

This was a big plate – going clockwise: bread (from Sonoma apparently), ham, cherry tomato, salmon, poached egg rolled in black sesame, avocado on salad.

A big plate!

And their slider:

Slider with the top bun sliding off…

Everything is under $20.

My poor memory of what each of these were tempts me to go there soon… we all need to refresh our memories once in a while, right?

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