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Capers Cafe, Dunedin (NZ)

As part of a self-guided tour of Dunedin in New Zealand led by D2D, we made a breakfast stop at Capers Cafe. This Cafe is directly across from an architectural landmark: Knox Church.

There are a lot of churches in Dunedin…

Capers Cafe

  • Website:
  • Address: 412 George Street, Dunedin, NZ
  • Open: 7 days from 7am
  • Phone: 03 4777769
  • Bookings for large groups:
Picture 438
Frontage has seats to do some people watching

Capers itself has a nice frontage. It’s pretty early when we head in on a Friday for some breakfast at around 9am.

Picture 440
Capers Basque egg Omelette’s finished with italian cheese &crusty ciabatta – chorizo , capsicum & spanish onion $15

I ordered an omelette with chorizo, which was massive! Great value for $15 cos it comes with bread! But having a look around later at a family that ordered pancakes each – those were even bigger!!

Picture 441
Eggs benedict salmon with potato hash, hollandaise & toasted ciabatta $18.50

D2D had eggs benedict, which had a bit too much hollandaise sauce. You can see it kind of ooozing off there.

Picture 436
Old building

Capers requires bookings for large groups and when we stepped in it was clear why. The place is very busy but we manage to grab a table as we’re just a pair. Orders are made at a walk up counter. Credit card is accepted yay (we have no NZ money).

The building itself is old, interesting architecture as you can see from the frontage. The inside is not that big, and I’m curious to see what is upstairs, but it seems as if the seating doesn’t extend up to there.

Soon after we got up to continue our walk of Dunedin. As we walked out, we saw a couple of suits leaving too with plates only half-finished! Such big portions with food left uneaten!! A sad sight but a warning to any visitors: be prepared to leave feeling very full!


Floriditas Cafe & Restaurant (NZ)

Wellington was our last port dock in New Zealand. We arrived at 7am on a Sunday and nothing much was open. Luckily I had looked up cafes, which would be open, and found this place on Cuban Street. The day was cold and cloudy (looking like rain).


Picture 558
Open early and busy with locals!

Maybe it was the weather, but I really liked the warm wooden ambience of this place! It was a good refuge for an early morning which was way to cold. A very pretty cafe actually.


A nice hot drink to start the day. And it came with a big soft marshmallow (looks homemade!). On their shelves they also sell marmalade/jams and breads!

Their website even has recipes!

Flat white

A nice big flat white!

Picture 561
Poached eggs on toast with bacon – $15

I wasn’t really fond of the bacon (too much fat) but the scrambled eggs and toast was delicious! Lots of butter? Mmm..

Eggs scrambled with a oraki ‘hot smoked’ salmon & lemon – $17.50

A special smoked salmon! The servings are a decent size so you’ll feel satisfied after. As their menu says, all their eggs and bacon are free range grown in NZ and organic milk is used in their coffees.

What else is around?

  • Floriditas is one of the many cafes and quirky stores in Cuba Street. While we were there, it was unfortunately too early for most things to be open but a peek inside and past a few places shows a flavour of cafes and stores similar to Newtown and Surry Hills in Sydney.
  • Not far away is the harbour foreshore where there is the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa, which hosts great interactive exhibitions. Entry is free!