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late lunch excelsior jones


139A Queen St, Ashfield NSW 2131
In the middle of no where 
there is a bustling little cafe 
called -
      excelsior jones


right before some pottery 
painting in summer hill(i know its girly) 
what better occasion to enjoy a nearby 
late lunch at a popular hipster cafe 
even arriving after 2pm, this 
place is still quite packed on
a saturday arvo

however, seats are empty
right in front of the kitchen...


the coffee making machine, 
the front counter,
the register, 
and all of the cake and muffins!
all in one place 


the menu -
now that i see it again, 
i really want to try the homemade
chicken nuggets! 
didn't see it as it's 
under the kiddies section


heart <3
good coffee 
tt got a fizzy juice which 
you can see slightly on the right


an order of crinkle cut chips 
came out being a really large bowl 
so much potato in this one! 
i like eating the smaller pieces 
which tend to be more crunchy 
(hence why i  prefer chips over wedges)


Pork Hash (they have a smoked salmon option) -

yummy poached egg with seasoning 
tasty pork hock meat 
fresh herb vegetables 
lots and lots of potatoes

would have preferred 
more pork ratio over potato...


Cheese Burger with fried spuds 

I mentioned i liked hot chips over wedges 
but these wedges are super crunchy 
just how i like them 

the burger is packed with 
a thick beef paddy 
(possible could have 
done with more flavour, but i guess 
this is more healthy?)
and more than enough gruyere cheese 

better than a grilld 
not as good as stitch or chur burger...

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