Tombolo – Tasmania

Tombolo (1 of 6)

Tombolo Freycinet Cafe

This little gem of a cafe opens 
for breakfast, lunch and dinner

We ventured away from freycinet national park where we were staying, 
to avoid the uninspiring prospect 
of hotel breakfast...

We made the right choice.

Tombolo (2 of 6)

We were really impressed with the mountain views from our table

the mountains in freycinet have a striking resemblance to the US mountains so often seen in movies and tv. 

fantasic view

Tombolo (3 of 6)

a relatively small space inside but this cafe offers a variety of food and drink options which 
included eggs 

which is the most important aspect of a good breakfast

Tombolo (4 of 6)

mocha and coffee 
perfect boost to start the morning 
with a long drive ahead of us

Tombolo (5 of 6)

the racer breakfast!
poached eggs salsa cheesy meaty ham on top of a crunchy toasted sour dough 

surprising not as heavy as it looks 
taste as yummy as it looks

Tombolo (6 of 6)

bacon egg roll 
fried egg 
simple, and it works 

the racer is better!

Definitely check out this cafe if you are around the freycinet area, 
or have hotel breakfast..
but this is better

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