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Ume Restaurant Surry Hills


Ume Japanese dining 
478 Bourke Street Surry Hills
we tend to like the small little restaurants
and in Surry hills there are plenty


service was great and and the small restaurant provided a friendly atmosphere to dine in

We decided to order a la carte
although most of the dishes we ordered were included in the degustation

the difference was if you order them separate they come in larger servings!

the waitress was even worried for our stomachs that when we wanted to try too many dishes, she prevented us from ordering anymore...


we tried the shochu, a japanese distilled drink thats different to sake because its made differently (source wiki)

The clear water looking one is the Imo - sweet potato 

The other drink is a housemade lemony drink (okay, honestly I forgot what it was. but it looks lemony)


very detailed wallpaper keeping with a traditional Japanese artistic theme


Snapper Carpaccio
very fresh, finely sliced pieces of snapper 
dressed with White Soy, Rice wine vinegar,
Shredded Cucumber, Shiso and Black Sesame

tasty tasty start of the meal


Ama Ebi
Raw Deep Sea Prawns, Prawn Oil, Walnuts, Okahijiki (which is fancy for seaweed from the land)
1 Year Old Preserved Lemon
(wow, 1 year of lemon!), 
Sashikomi Soy

I liked this even more than the snapper


Seared Hokkaido Scallop
Shibanuma Shoyu brown butter, Finger Lime, Dulse

their signature dish
and it was super tasty! 
the brown butter sauce was delightful


Shiki no Salad
 Roasted Heirloom Carrots,
 Fried Brussel Sprouts, Dashi Custard,
 Black Vinegar & Ginger Dressing

brussel sprouts are at the bottom of the vegetable list for us, however in the salad, those sprouts were fried to a crisp that made them interesting to eat (they still carried a heavy brussel sprouty taste)


 Slow Cooked, Tender WA Octopus
 Koji Potato, Lightly Pickled Cucumber
 Shichimi, Bonito Oil

chucky cut up bits of octopus tentacles! 
not my favourite dish of the night but still 
very well portioned, soft and tasty


Riverina Lamb
 Charred, Soft Lamb Shoulder
 Sesame Miso, Fried Nori
 Shoyu-zuke Heirloom Tomatos

huge portion of lamb shoulder!
I am a meat fan, and this was well cooked tender lamb in a flavoursome miso sauce 

not to mention well presented


finished off with dessert 

Sesame infused Aero Chocolate & Beet Root
 Toasted “Rice-Cream”,
 Beetroot Marshmallow, Merigue

A nice mix of sweet and sour flavours 
with a very interesting rice flavoured ice cream that actually balances everything together

Ume, highly recommended

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