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Butchers Block

Butchers Block-1

butchers block in Wahroonga
this is the back of the cafe which is conveniently located right next to a big carpark

Butchers Block-2

weekends this cafe is super packed and busy for all the lazy brunchers 

...lucky for us we arrive on a late afternoon monday

Butchers Block-3

while it's a monday, and late inthe afternoon, the cafe is still quite full with people enjoying a coffee or having a late lunch

Butchers Block-5

mocha, tutor tales go to (coffee) drink

Butchers Block-6

chai honey latte 
comes with lots of herby leaves and drizzle of honey on the bottom of the cup 

plenty of tea for at least a full refill

Butchers Block-7

the lunches here are HUGE 

the combination of light crispy flakes, a whole sausage sliced into two and a healthy amount of cream and avocado
this is a unique take on the very well known nachos

the use of the crisps instead of the usual corn chip was interesting as they were light and crunchy alternative

Butchers Block-8

caesar salad - the butchers block take 

the use of a whole poached egg
the homemade croutons 
the grilled chicken
the prosciutto
the light but tasty caesar dressing 

for those who get the salad thinking it will be a light alternative for lunch will be in for a shock because this is once massive salad 

...I still finished it because it was amazing

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