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Soffritto, Newtown


Welcome to Soffritto, a contemporary European restaurant in Newtown!

We arrived at this place after buying a Groupon voucher for 5 courses with matching wines. Like with all Groupon vouchers, I quickly forgot how much it actually cost, but my vague memory is that it was $120 in total.


  • Website: http://www.soffritto.com.au/
  • Address: 367 King Street, Newtown (close to the train station)
  • Open: Tues to Sun from 6pm
  • Call: 02 9565 4660
Picture 698
6.30pm seating
Lots of wine
A shelf of wines

We book for 6.30pm on a Wednesday night and it’s pretty quiet. The place has the decor of the Victorian or Renaissance era. The counter behind me showcases lots of wines, as does a shelf right above our heads.

Our courses start pretty quickly:

#1 Anchovie salad

The first course was an anchovie salad served with cherry tomatoes and spinach (?) leaves. Most anchovies I’ve eaten are quite small and dried and on pizza, so this was something different. Quite nice. We also got some warm bread and olive oil.

Wine time

Each course came with matching wines, which was a decent size. There was a mix of Australian and international wines. I couldn’t drink too much so left it for D2D to drink up.

#2 Pasta of some sort

This was the best course of the degustation! Unfortunately we weren’t listening very carefully to our waiter so I’m not sure what was inside – some of meat – but it was delicious! Very soft handmade and wrapped pasta topped with shaved cheese slices.

#3 Seafood risotto

Next was the seafood risotto, which was so-so. Whilst tasty and with some good seafood (fish, pippis, prawns), I found it not that exciting in terms of flavour as say the previous course.

#4 Pancetta wrapped beef with mashed potato and spinach

By this point, I was definitely struggling! Quite filling despite everything being degustation course size. This was full of flavour and I enjoyed each part from the beef, spinach to mash. The juice/sauce it sat in meant I could dip and soak the meat in it too.

Almond tart

We had a dessert each: this is the almond tart which had a bit blob of cream on top! I’m not too much of a fan of cream so I kind of ate around it.

Expresso pannacotta

This came in a cute little cup! Which was not little at all, because I quickly became too full! The slight bitterness of the expresso (under another dollop of cream) went well with the sweet biscuit.

What else is in Newtown?

Check out the Newtown category for food options. There’s also a host of quirky shops along the entire King Street, so keep exploring!

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Bloodwood at 416 King St, Newtown

What’s the occasion?

We went to Bloodwood in Newtown as a ‘pre-show dinner’. We were headed to watch Make Way For Ducklings – Make Way For Winter, a comedy sketch all about the Game at Thrones as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival 2013. This was at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville, so Newtown seemed a close-ish place to eat.


  • Website: http://www.bloodwoodnewtown.com/
  • Address: 416 King Street, Newtown
  • Call: 02 9557 7699
  • Chefs: Mitch Grady, Jo Ward and Claire van Vuurenis (all ex-chefs of fine dining Claude’s at Woollahra)

Since the started at 7.30pm, we got to Bloodwood pretty early at 6pm and managed to find parking nearby on King St. Then we were to lucky to get a table straight away! Bloodwood only takes bookings for 8+ people – and the places filled up quickly within the next half hour. Two good-lucks in a row!

As their website boasts, there’s four areas for dining: a front bar, mezzanine dining area, deck dining and a communal table in the basement gallery. Take your pick (but get in early).

Bloodwood is similar to another restaurant we went to recently: Ester Bar & Restaurant. The plates are tasty, simple and seasonal, and best for sharing. Their website only shows a sample seasonal menu, but you can get a good idea of prices and the types of food.

Calamari salad
Calamari salad


This was the first to arrive – a calamari salad with other stuff I can’t remember. It’s not on their online sample menu, but I do remember it being tasty with a good mix of textures. You don’t really taste the calamari as distinctly though.

Grilled holmbrea chicken - $32
Grilled holmbrea chicken – $32

This one is in their seasonal menu at the moment. Delicious and boneless! There was even a boneless piece shaped into a chicken wing tip!

Other stuff we care about aside from the food:

Price: With two plates to share, you’ll end up satisfied and the dishes are around $20-30 each.  This might seem steep compared to the $6 Thai food you find all over Newtown, but it’s definitely a lot better and more varied.

Decor: The decor has an industrial and upcycled feel to it. But it’s comfortable. My cushions were covered in shiny vinyl. If you’re really picky about ambience, their website has a gallery of their interior.

Service: It was good, but once it got busy, it was hard to grab someone. Then when we paid, we seemed to be waiting for our change forever. We began to wonder if we’d just paid some stranger who had then walked out of the restaurant. We had to follow up on our change twice, which was annoying for an otherwise great restaurant.

Would we go back?

I hope so! The dishes are interesting, but not too weird – just tasty. There’s a banquet menu ($50 pp for 4+ groups) which I’d like to try sometime too.

What else is around?

Well, it’s Newtown. There’s tons of interesting shops (art, stationery, books etc) and bars and, of course, people all along King Street. Some things you could do in the area are:

  • Catch a movie, including those independent ones, at the Dendy Cinema
  • Go swing dancing

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