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Na Zdrowie Polish Restaurant

A short 15 minute walk from Central Station is the suburb of Glebe, postcode 2037. It’s a good proximity to University of Sydney (USYD) and University of Technology (UTS), as well as Broadway Shopping Centre, so there’s undoubtedly uni students wandering around during the semester.

But on Sunday weekend, the 1st of December, the streets are pretty empty. The restaurants, on the other hand, are filling up with people! Glebe Point Road is the main restaurant and bookstores street in Glebe. There’s quite a bit of variety with Chinese hot pot, Turkish, Mexican, and even a Jamaican restaurant! It’s a long road, but we eventually find our destination:

Na Zdrowie Polish Restaurant

  • Website: http://www.nazdrowie.com.au/
  • Address: 161 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
  • Open: daily from 6pm
  • Booking: call 02 9660 1242
  • Accepts credit card, but there is a surcharge.
Na Zdrowie
161 Glebe Point Road

We’d heard about Na Zdrowie through a Polish friends of ours. She described this place as quite traditional. When we pop inside at around 6.30pm, the place is rather quiet and small.

A giant door
A giant door!

The interior has a very ‘traditional’ warm feel with wooden furniture, brick walls and this giant mysterious door! What lies behind?? There’s a lot of (I assume) Polish knick knacks hanging around the place.

Neither D2D and I have ever been to Poland. But we’ve eaten at one other Polish restaurant – which was in Melbourne. We check out the menu and order an entree, two mains, and a drink for D2D. He seems very happy that the drinks are only $10! Our entree appears almost immediately!

Picture 238
Wedliny- Platter of Polish smoked meats & sausages served with rye bread $15.90

I really like their dish patterns! And some sides come served in a little ladle-like spoon thing. Inside is a slightly sour salad. I put butter on my bread, but needed it to melt faster so stuck it right next to the candle, which was super hot. Probably the most ‘different’ meat was the sausage.

Picture 239
Drink – $10

I’m not sure which drink D2D got but it was pretty tasty and I didn’t get knocked out after!

Our mains came straight after I finished off the entree:

Picture 240
Kurczak – Char-grilled boneless chicken leg in fresh horseradish sauce served with buckwheat and carrots $23.90

Again, a cool little spoon to hold the salad. In the other dish is some chopped up brown stuff – kind of like beans or nuts, but soft and warm. We had no idea what it was but it didn’t have much flavour. Perhaps its buckwheat?? The chicken was nicely flavoured.

This is the other main:

Picture 241
Schabowy – Pork loin schnitzel served with potatoes & mizeria (optional chicken schnitzel) $24.90

This seemingly normal schnitzel had a super thin and light batter! It was really delicious and well cooked. I also liked how the potatoes had dill for a bit different flavour. Hidden behind the schnitzel was also the ‘mizeria’ which was a cucumber with sauce type salad.

All in all, Polish food tastes very healthy – the flavours are really clean and simple. The portions aren’t too big but they satisfy. We have room to fit dessert so grab this:

Picture 242
Chopin Cake – Frozen dessert with oven roasted almonds topped with dark chocolate sauce $9.90

I’m not sure what it was – packed almonds? – but it was quite tasty again with some big almond chunks all through it. So, not too processed!

All in all, the bill comes to about $85 for two people: shared entree, two mains, a dessert, and one cocktail.

Here’s another photo of their interior:

Picture 237
Counter and bathroom

What else is around:

  • A host of other restaurants
  • Gleebooks: one of the biggest independent bookstores in Sydney, including second hand sales

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