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Madame Nhu, Surry Hills

It’s been a long and increasingly rainy week. And the weather forecast for the weekend doesn’t look promising… We were looking forward to eating big bowls of hot ramen at Bar H for Friday lunch BUT it turns out they are not open for lunch!

This was rather disappointing, especially given it was cold and raining when we were turned back outside.

Luckily, across the road was:

Madame Nhu Bar & Eateries:

  • Website:
  • Address: 82 Campbell St, Surry Hills
  • Open: LUNCH 11am – 3pm (Mon to Fri) and dinner 7-10pm (daily)
  • Bookings: accepted, but see online for details

We had actually come here last Wednesday, after our salsa class and it was quite full. When we showed up on Friday just before 12pm, we were the first ones here, but within 15 minutes, the place was pretty packed.

Madam Nhu is a modern Vietnamese restaurant operated by Minh & Nhu Nguyen. They also have a shop in the Food Hall of Galeries Victoria in Town Hall.

Eat pho, drink beer
Eat pho, drink beer

The restaurant doesn’t have many seats and is fitted out with a Vietnamese/French theme. We get the window bar seats and look again, at the Salvation Army sign across the road.

Their menu has the traditional pho as well as rice paper rolls, banh mi, salads etc. They also have beer, wine, cocktails and a non-alcoholic drinks menu.

For me, I’m someone who sticks with what they like:

Phở tái sliced Tasmanian rump steak 11.9 / 14.9 (lunch/dinner)
Phở tái sliced Tasmanian rump steak 11.9 / 14.9 (lunch/dinner)

Like last Wednesday, once again I ordered the pho tai! To my surprise, the prices are quite reasonable – given the decor of the place and that it is run as a “modern” Vietnamese restaurant.

What is also a nice touch is the fact that they use 100% Darling Downs and Tasmanian beef! My pho tai has Tasmanian rump steak – which is a nice reminder of our recent trip to Tas.

Phở of roasted duck with duck broth and fresh herbs 13.9 / 16.9 (lunch/dinner)
Phở of roasted duck with duck broth and fresh herbs 13.9 / 16.9 (lunch/dinner)

D2D is more adventurous and orders something different from last Wednesday. In fact, it’s so different – he’s ordered DUCK pho! I snuck a few tastes of the soup and it’s very different – a strong duck flavour which has less of the sweetness of the beef pho.

Passionfruit drink
Passion fruit drink

They also have quite good drinks. D2D ordered this on Wednesday and liked it so much that he ordered it again – a big mason jar of passion fruit drink.

The guy sitting next to us gobbled his pho down so quick! By the time he left, his soup broth was still steaming!

What else is around:

All the other Surry Hills cafes and restaurants! But the closest is Bar H, which is right across the road, Paramount Coffee Project, and Longrain (or shortgrain).

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