good morning fleetwood macchiato


A cafe on 43 Erskineville Rd, Erskineville NSW 2043
a weekday visit during the October good food month


situated next to a fortune teller,
this tiny cafe is a hidden gem in Erskineville 

decked out in wood paneling...  


they have a chalkboard dedicated to 
coffee beans for your choosing

flat white was not hot enough for my liking...


herb and olive rolled eggs, flowers, 
saffron whipped chevre, with pickled eschallot and 
carta da musica - sounds interesting! 

basically a plate of flowers... 
(with awesome butter)

Poached eggs with fennel, lemon, 
bottarga, eschallots and toast

obviously the menu descriptions
didn't make any sense to TT. 
when the waiter brought out our two orders, 
TT demanded the poached eggs
this confused the waiter as both our orders 
contained poached eggs 
nevertheless, TT still demanded her poached eggs

we ended up sharing...

tt made me walk to newtown despite my protests
surprisingly newtown is relatively close...

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