The Copper Mill and Alexandria


The Copper Mill
ex printing mill turned cafe
we gOt there on a sunday morning 
just before it opened,,
and there were a few people 
already waiting outside 
for some take away coffee


it is tinier 
and darker,,, 
than expected bUt 

the staff is friendly 
the inside is cozy 
the food and coffee is great


sunday brunch blackboard menu
subject to change (we saw them change it)


coconut hot chocolate was a specialty on the menu 
- not very coconutty 

although,,,we didn't specifically 
say coconut hot chocolate. 
so maybe it was just a regular hot... choc..late


the waitress had to supersize my cofee as they 
initially gave me a regular
the large is large
quite large


peruvian b + E 
interesting mix of pork, egg, salsa mayo and a chewy bun
the peruvian version of a classic "bacon and egg" sambo


puffed galette
possibly another peruvian dish
mix of veges and holoumi and a nicely poached egg 
all beneath a soft puffy pastry


since we were in town 
visited the nearby grounds


alleyway of pots and plants 
obvious signs of recent watering 
as evidenced by the water on the ground,,,
possibly could have been rain.


recaptured Kevin Bacon 
recently pignapped 
and forced into Melbourne (or another state)

last time i saw him 
his home is also home to lots of flies 
and smells really, really bad


fresh fruits and fresh lemonade
there were at least 
10 separate lemonade stands inside the grounds 
they obviously have a lot of lemon


bread bread and pastries and desserts and 
more BREAD 
at the counter of the grounds cafe 
the cafe was PACKED by 10am 
grounds is ALWAYS packed 
with people ,.

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