Copo Cafe & Diner

The last of our Good Food Month brunch deals! We return to Copo Cafe & Diner, after having visited there about a month ago and being quite impressed by their baked eggs!

We pre-online book for brunch at 10am on a Wednesday through Dimmi, which is a great tool/website for making instant bookings and collecting points. I’ve had two $50 meal vouchers since using them! Anyway so we arrive and our table is already set with a sign saying my name and a smiley face. 🙂

Copo Cafe & Diner

The menu at Copo is quite extensive.  You can see it online here. It has more variety than a lot of other cafes I find – like you can three types of baked eggs! They give us the Good Food Month menu, and unlike the other two cafes we went to, Copo has THREE choices! All the other cafes only had 1 choice (or rather no choice).

Sadly, their baked eggs isn’t on the menu, so D2D orders off the usual menu while I order the $20 breakfast deal.

While we wait for our food, I speculated over why Copo was called a cafe AND diner. Does that mean that they serve dinner too?? We looked at the window, where Copo had printed their opening hours. Though strangely, all they said was “Mon to Fri – AM to PM, Sat and Sun AM to PM” with no numbers! Perhaps this means they’re open ALL day and ALL night! 🙂

Food and Drink

Bubble and squeak breakfast
Bubble and squeak breakfast – $20 with tea/coffee

I pick the bubble and squeak breakfast deal. It comes with tons of vegetables, which is great and a fried egg (with slightly runny center). It also comes with a toast and a little bucket of butter. The butter just melts on the toast – delicious!


D2D chooses a machiatto with my bubble and squeak since I’m content with tap water. It’s his first machiatto and it’s SUPER bitter! Not only that, but he also thinks it’s decaffeinated, because afterwards he wants to take a nap…

Baked eggs
House Smoked Trout Baked Eggs with Creme Fraiche, Herbs and Toast – $18

This is D2D’s baked eggs. They give you a generous amount of trout. Again it comes with toast and the little butter bucket. D2D is super full and I have to finish off our food. He blames the coffee.



The decor of Copo is quite nice. The place is very open and bright (with floor to ceiling glass windows). They’ve got a hardware theme going on, which is cool. They’ve also got an upstairs terrace but we don’t venture to have a look.

Picture 155

Copo also has FREE WIFI. I suppose that’s what this guy is doing with his laptop. Using free wifi. And enjoying his breakfast. You can also spot a counter of baked goods. The place is also kind of decked out like a deli. There are shelves of fresh produce and specialty goods.

What else is around?

  • There’s the 7km Bay Run, which is a circular track (very flat) right next to the Bay.  Great to work off the big breakfast…
  • Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre, if you’re looking for some bargains.

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