Rainford Street Social, Surry Hills

To start off the long Australia Day weekend, we had a Friday night dinner at Rainford Street Social using a Groupon voucher. We had been here before, but since then the menu has changed. I wonder what the chef has on?


Rainford Street Social

  • Website: http://www.rainfordstreetsocial.com.au/
  • Address: 500 Crown Street, Surry Hills (the corner of Crown St and Rainford St)
  • Open: Tues to Thurs (5-11pm), Fri (11am-midnight), Sat (9am-midnight), Sunday (9am-10pm)
  • Book: online via Dimmi
Friday night

We booked for 6.30pm, but arrived rather early at 6pm. Nonetheless they were happy to seat us and the place was pretty empty except for one other table! We’re greeted by a friendly host who explains the voucher conditions (two entrees, two mains, two desserts, and two glasses of wine).


Rainford Street Social is quite big! Or perhaps it seems that way because the restaurant is a bit empty at 6pm. Nonetheless, several of the tables around us have “Reserved” signs on them, so I’m sure it’ll get busy later on. We sit down, glad to be sheltered in a warm restaurant out of the drizzling rain (though D2D finds it too hot!). As you can see, the decor of the place really emphasises wood. Some of the chairs, in fact, resemble wooden crates which I find really cool and interesting.

Glancing around you also notice their large wine collection, the open kitchen bordered by seating at the bar, and a large penny farthing cycle!

A warm woody place!

Ok, onto the food. We order two entrees to share:

Grilled scallops, apple & orange relish, avocado puree – $21

The scallops are soft and juicy, but they divide into $7 per piece, which is rather expensive. D2D rather prefers:

Crispy chicken, spicy mayonnaise, cabbage slaw – $19

This seemed much larger in proportion to the scallops and came with 3 large pieces of chicken. Although the chicken was well cooked, I think I was expecting more flavour (too used to KFC?).

We polish off the entrees then head for mains. The room starts to fill up a bit more.

Glazed lamb ribs, pomegranate & baby gem salad – $29

This was really yummy – the lamb meat came off the ribs really easily and were glazed with a slightly tangy/sweet sauce which was good. The salad was ok, but I quite disliked the pink/white vegetable and the leaves were a bit too big for my liking.

This was D2D’s main:

220g grain fed scotch fillet, french fries & salad – $36

Look at that slab of butter on the steak! Apparently the rocket salad was quite good (some magically delicious dressing), and whilst I was slowly eating my main, D2D had already gobbled up all his salad! :O

They give you a little plate and jars of salt/pepper to season your chips to taste. Eventually D2D gave up on the chips, so I finished them off. While some people have a second stomach for dessert, I think I have a second stomach for chips!

Our waitress clears the table, and inadvertently sweeps a lot of salt onto my bag, which was sitting on the ground next to us…

Peanut butter ice cream sandwich, strawberry sorbet – $17

For dessert, we had this and a Lemon meringue sundae, macadamia nut crumble ($17), but we were pretty full by then. I really liked the peanut butter ice cream. That black stuff under the strawberry sorbet was chocolate cookie dirt I think! The sundae was ok, but we felt like it had too much cream.


By the time we leave, it’s around 7.30pm and the place is getting pretty busy!

Overall, the food is quite nice and I really like the ambience of this place. It’s what the name of the restaurant comes from – a place for social gathering and enjoying food!

Rainford Street Social on Urbanspoon


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