browery to williamsburg – Melbourne


16 oliver lane, heart of melbourne 
bowery to williamsburg is a top little cafe 
inspired by NY's Bowery subway station


postcard menu - brought to you 
by the peeps who started 
the ever popular
hardware societe


inside seating area and counter 
appears to be an upstairs area 
but will with boxes (food?)


constantly changing chalkboard wall menu 
provides quite a handful of
options to choose from

(a kitchen staff is currently standing idle)


coffee comes with hershey's chocolate 
they have a espresso coffee soda on the menu
which is a must try! 

(we didn't try)


shakshouka eggs with merguez curly sausage
basically a baked eggs 
with a very tomatoey base
surprisingly not too heavy
as the tomatoey base is not 
as creamy as it looks 

comes with pita bread instead of toast 
which heaps lighten the dish
no idea what merguez sausage is 
but they give you a decent amount of it


lox latkes (i think) 
what does that mean? 
it means poached eggs and a waffle 
with smoked salmon


nearby melbourne's Hosier Lane
has gotten a whole new respray 
as part of Melbourne Now

Bowery to Williamsburg on Urbanspoon


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