Reuben Hills

Despite the super rainy weekend, we decided to brave the outside world and venture to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium! But before that, we grabbed some breakfast. Initially, we planned to go to Mr Crackles on Oxford Street, but it turned out to be takeaway only. Given the poor weather, we kind of needed somewhere warm and sheltered…so we wandered along Crown Street, passing by Chow Eating House and Bar (completely empty during lunch…) and considering Bills.

Instead, we opted for the cheaper option:

Reuben Hills

We arrive at around 12.30pm on a Sunday and the place is packed! We ask for a table of two and told that it’ll 15-20 minutes.

Here’s a long shot of the cafe. This doesn’t show all the people waiting for table, because that was in the other direction, but trust me there were many!

Reuben Hills
Reuben Hills

Food and Drink

Finally, we’re seated and check out the menu. There’s “Eat All Day” which covers the usual breakfasts, baked eggs, burgers and salads. There’s coffee and teas, desserts and…milkshakes! The menu ranges up to $20 for a lunch, plus about $5 for a drink. Standard cafe prices. We get some table water and they come in these old fashioned milk bottles! I thought that was pretty cool.

Although what does it mean “Colgate Junior: Cares for milk teeth”. What on earth is “milk teeth”??

Picture 192
Flat white with D2D as hand model

We also order a salted caramel milkshake, even though it’s cold weather. So sweet and delicious!

Picture 193
Salted caramel milkshake – $8.50

Our food arrives pretty quickly. This is the NOT reuben wagyu. Not sure what that means. The sandwich comes in a plastic basket (kind of like at Good God), so not fancy, but it’s pretty tasty.

the NOT reuben wagyu salt brisket, pickled slaw, manchego & horseradish cream on rye - $16
the NOT reuben wagyu salt brisket, pickled slaw, manchego & horseradish cream on rye – $16

Then a typical egg centered dish! This is Frank n Beans – which sounds like Frankenstein. OMG I didn’t realise until now, but that was a duck egg?? It tastes like chicken lol. There was a weird green puree next to the sausage, which I didn’t really like. It was like grass.

Otherwise everything was good. We were also seated on the glass window facing the street so had a full view of people standing/talking outside.

Franks n Beans w soft duck egg, tortilla crisps, chimmichurri, pork sausage and sour cream

What else is around?

I’ve already covered this in other posts, since we eat in Surry Hills quite a bit. So check out all our other Surry Hills posts.

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