Prime, Sydney CBD

About a few years ago, I experimented with eating as little meat as possible. It was the closest I got to being a vegetarian – basically I only ordered the vegetarian option when eating out, and only ate vegetables at home. However, for social occasions or home cooking where meat was unavoidable (e.g. meat is included in the dish), I still ate meat.

How does this relate to this post?

Meat is the main event at PRIME. I can’t imagine what a vegetarian could find to eat here… maybe just the free bread?

Prime Restaurant


The Prime restaurant is very hidden. The address is No 1 Martin Place, which is basically the big old GPO (post office) building on the corner of Martin Place and George Street. The closest train station is either Martin Place or Wynyard. The old GPO is now the lobby of the Westin Hotel and when you enter, there’s two curving stairs going down. This is where you head to find a couple of restaurants, including Prime.

Outside the door, they display a lot of fancy awards. Opening in 1999, the Prime restaurant boasts being the best steak restaurant (voted) for the past 14 years, including a one hat. They offer 18 steaks as well as some seafood, poultry and vegetarian (lol) options.

Here's some of the party of six
Here’s some of the party of six

All the seats are quite nice and plush, with white clothed tables and big wineglasses. Our party of six gets a table in a little enclave built into the wall of this subterranean restaurant. Apparently this wall is heritage listed sandstone. Fancy!

Do you need to dress up? Maybe… but D2D is sporting shorts today.

Mini lamps
Mini lamps

Above our table is a cute row of mini lamps.


Free bread
Free bread

MMM….free bread! We get some  complimentary bread for the table, along with pickles and:

Butter x 3
Butter x 3

Three types of butter! From the left, there is wasabi butter, classic butter, and lastly sundried tomato butter.

On a negative note, we asked for more bread because we had extra butter left over. But the waiter never came back with bread and then someone else packed up the bread plates/butter! This was a disappointing and later turned out to be much needed bread, because the steaks took a looong time to come out.


Prime also boasts a fine wine list of which can be viewed online. We order a bottle of red.

After a bit of a long wait, the food arrives!

The Food:

You can view their menu online as well, and as you soon realise, it’s very long and somewhat confusing for the unfamiliar steak eater like myself. So I’ll try to translate it so you can walk in looking very meat-smart.

Essentially, there’s three prime meats:

  1. Angus Hereford Yearlings – described as “consistent”, ~$55
  2. Black Angus – more intense and juicier than Angus, $55-$74
  3. Wagyu – considered the highest grade, $87 – $295

Each cow is raised in a different way to produce different results in terms of flavour, marbling etc.

From these three prime meats, you can choose options of fillet, rib eye, sirloin, fillet. Each is described with weight, what it’s been fed (grass/grain, how long) and where it’s been raised. To me, it seems a bit too much information…

And to add even more choice you can decide your potato (puree, gratinee, chips), and sauce (red wine jus, jus corse, bearnaise, various mustards).  Sometimes they give you all four types of mustard…

So what did we end up ordering?


BIG steak with yummy sauce and two little cherry tomatoes.


D2D’s steak, also with cherry tomatoes and cute stubby chips. You can also add prawns, scallops and spinach for $15, but we decided not to opt for that.

GOOD THING, because these are massive. I guess I’m not used to eating so much meat, because I basically only ate half before I was KOed from eating too much meat. D2D ended up eating his and my half steak (1.5!), which he seemed pretty happy to do…

Overall verdict? If you enjoy good steak, then this is the place to go for a premium steak experience (but you also pay for that premium). Don’t add too many extras or sides, because there’s free bread and trust me, you’ll be too full anyway.

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