Riley Street Cafe & Wine

As we wander up to Surry Hills from Town Hall, we pass by the Surry Hills Police Station. This also happens to be THE headquarters for the police in the whole of NSW! No wonder Surry Hills seems like such a safe neighbourhood.

It’s been a bit of a rainy week. But that just makes hot food taste even better! The cafe we were heading to lunch on Thursday was a bit hidden – there’s not really a sign anywhere to show that it is in fact:

Here we are - Riley Street Cafe & Wine
Here we are – Riley Street Cafe & Wine

Riley Street Cafe & Wine

  • Website:
  • Address: Shop 1, 222 Riley Street, Surry Hills
  • Call: (02) 8093 9807
  • Open: Tues to Sun (7.30am to midnight)
  • Average price for lunch: under $20 pp
  • Accepts credit cards, but surcharge for Amex.

Yes, they’ve been open since 7.30am! And won’t be resting until past midnight. These guys are hard working, but even on a rainy day, they’re super friendly and seat us down quickly.

Riley Street Cafe & Wine
Riley Street Cafe & Wine – the open kitchen/bar

Look at all those wines on the shelf! Behind the counter is the open kitchen with 2-3 cooks working away. There’s bar seats so you can see the cooking action up close. But we sit a bit further in – and a bit further away from the cold/rain outside.


The cafe actually shares part of its space with Adge. There’s this awesome, colourful mural of cartoons on the side there, which I’m not is part of the cafe or Adge. A Google search tells us that Adge is an apartment hotel – looks very nice!

Another thing I notice is the glass water bottles they keep on the table. The design is interesting and after our meal, we hear someone commenting on it too to the waitress.

Flat white - 222
Flat white – 222

As usual D2D orders his flat white, which he says is “okay”. The cool thing about the cups is that as you drink it, it slowly reveals the cafe’s logo! 222! It’s all the small details and delights sometimes. While we wait for the food, we also note that the chairs are all Tokyo designed. Interesting…

Tokyo chairs
Tokyo chairs
Bacon and egg burger - $14
Bacon and egg burger – $14

I ordered the Bacon and Egg Burger, which was delicious. But I think it didn’t quite fill me up. I polished the plate… It also appears a bit small on the big plate, so perhaps it was a psychological thing. It would’ve been nice for it to come with a small salad on the side or a few chips to complete the plate a bit more.

Various tomatoes, ricotta salad with bread - $16 or so
Various tomatoes, ricotta salad with bread – $16 or so

I can’t recall exactly how much D2D’s salad was, but it was really tasty. He’d had a big breakfast so when he got full, I was happy (and relieved) to finish it up! 🙂 As you can see, this salad has different types of tomatoes with lots of ricotta in the middle (healthy cheese!) and some bread. I really mopped up all the ricotta with the bread and ate every piece of tomato.

Satisfied? Definitely.

As we head out, I notice a bowl with lots of tomato varieties in it. So that’s where they came from…

They also had some specials which D2D snapped some shots of before we headed out:

Beef sandwich - looks really good!
Beef sandwich – looks really good!

They had beef sandwich, which looks really good. Maybe I should’ve chosen that instead… They also had things like apple strudel and muffins.

Crates of food!
Crates of food!


What I liked about Riley Street Cafe & Wine is actually the service. The people here have smiles! They’re warm and friendly, and it makes a lot of difference, which perhaps some people forget when they do the same thing day in and day out.

I definitely appreciate the small things – a smile to greet you when you come in (no need to stand around for 5-10mins waiting to be seated), pouring water into our glasses, asking how the food was etc.

The barista at work
The barista at work
Wine that shines!
Wine that shines!

Thanks for sheltering us from the rain, Riley Street Cafe & Wine! 🙂

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