Robocog Cafe at 249 Riley St, Surry Hills

We’ve actually been at ROBOCOG CAFE before. Well, “been” in the sense of having tried to go and failed, because this cafe closes relatively early (3pm).

So we tried again today (Thursday) at 2pm. The cafe is pretty quiet, tucked away on Riley Street, away from the main streets of Crown and Bourke. The cafe is like a little terrace house, with outdoor seating and a bicycle for sale outside.

After walking around Sculptures by the Sea 2013 in Bondi Beach (the first day it started), we decided to grab some late lunch / afternoon tea at Robocog. Here goes Attempt #2!

Robocog Cafe
Robocog Cafe – wallpaper

Robocog Cafe

Robocog Cafe
Business card – cool designs

TimeOut Sydney says that this cafe is run by three Thai guys – House, Jet and Winny. Today, we see Jet working behind the counter.

Robocog Cafe menu
The menu

According to their Facebook page, this is their brand new menu design! Just came out earlier this week I think!

Their menu is a mix of breakfast, sandwiches/wraps, salads and Mexican.

Their drinks are coffee, tea and fresh juices.

Robo shelf
Robo shelf


While we wait for our food, I check out their decor. Cool vintage robots on the self along with skateboards. There’s also a big robot on the wall behind where I sat (see the first photo in this post).

Robocog Cafe counter
Robocog Cafe counter


Here’s their cafe counter. Note, they only accept cash! A bite and drink will probably set you back about $15-20 here.  Urban spoon has a photo of their menu (not the latest version) but it gives you an indication of their prices. The menu also says “no split bills” because “I’m bad at math” haha.

Fresh juice
Fresh juice – $5.50

Food and drink

D2D’s fresh juice arrives. It’s quite good.

Prawn burrito
Prawn burrito – $14.90

Then the Prawn Burrito. I have a bite and it’s a bit spicy (with the salsa there), but the prawns are nice and juicy!

Robocog Club Sandwich
Robocog Club Sandwich – $12.90

The club sandwich is nice too. I like their bread and the bacon and chicken is delicious.

As we grab a flat white to go, it’s almost 3pm and the place is packing up. But regulars are still popping in for a chat and to grab a coffee.

One of the owners, Jet, comes over to ask if we’ve been here before. D2D explains that we have (but failed) and Jet explains that they close quite early, because most of the staff head off to their second job.

So note! Head there early 🙂

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