hello cafe paci


95 riley street, east sydney 
around this block is a home to a number of trendy restaurants 
a portion of this area is up for demolition in 2014
including one pop up restaurant - cafe paci


no smoking


this vague menu looks interesting at first sight
however, it is actually really useless  
nevertheless, it is worth pointing out:
9 things on the menu for $85
each item only $9.45 each 


candles are necessary because this place is so dark 
and you know what they say, 
dark, dim restaurants give off a
romantic ambiance ♥
darkness, coupled with grey tables 
grey walls and grey floors 
takes this romance and kills it


hello, snacks course 
a tasty bacon bite sized appetizer and
whole baby carrot vegetable plant (grass included)
can it be more balanced?


pancake burrito
part of snacks (part 2) 
I remember this one, 
soft and slightly warm,
less flavoursome than what its colours suggest 

 - bland


soft homemade butter 
dense bread
sweet overcoat
funky yeasty taste 
this is a special house baked bread, 

if only truffle butter...


this one comes on a large plate
butter bean (corn) with seafood pieces of calamari
surprisingly good combination

food was only placed on a small portion of the large plate
there was plenty of plate left for more of this...


my favorite, lamb meat
plated artistically 
with each bite,
the smoked capsicum and togarashi delvered a corn flake crunch


my least favorite (coincidentally tt's most favorite)

it's a leaf.


my other favourite, 
a western take on an asian street food
without the soup,
without the bean sprouts,
without the squatting 

interesting note - the noodle was made purely from
very finely chopped up potato


dessert time - licorice cake with soft carroty, yogurty foam


tastes like it looks -
this is melted banana (sauce) and 
malt chocolate lump and 
a parsley leaf


petite four (part 1)
rice cracker covered in chocolate
sprinkled with fennel


petite four (part 2)
yummy! fairy floss 
lots of butter

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